What people are saying about Margot!

Just a quick note to say thank you again for all the instructions you gave us in training Chloe. The change in her has been fantastic – we’ve had many remarks from people who know Chloe about how much better behaved she is now.

We thank you again and are so happy we were able to benefit from your many years of experience and wisdom!

 - Mark, Julie and Chloe Haney

Wow! We brought you two good dogs that we thought just needed a little refining. You showed me so much more.

We feel confident that we can control the boys no matter what the situation. We no longer worry about how they will behave when they meet new people or another dog. We are confident in the manners of our well behaved boys. Thank you.

 - Robert, Victoria, Jack and Kirby Mechlin

I returned from the course early last week overwhelmed from what I had learned. For days I kept rushing back to my notebook to jot things down as I remembered them anew, and bored all my non-dog-training friends to tears with my excited accounts of the difference between “keeping the dog on the left” and “staying on the dog's right.” Margot's school should be required for all dog pros (and strongly encouraged for all dog owners).

– Amy Lorentz, Chattanooga, TN

All of us gleaned benefit from this oh-so-worthwhile experience. I was personally able to get through sticking points with one of my own dogs and learned many tips on providing my clients with transferable skills to better their own training efforts and the performances of their dogs. The true meaning of 'foundation" was revealed to the additional benefit of those who felt too dependant on the e-collar, or too many food rewards. It was really inspiring to see so many great dogs and handlers improve and grow more confident as the weekend went on.

– Linda Kaim, Coeur d'Lion K9 Behavior Management, White Hall, MD

You'll be impressed and you will doubtless be educated. You will THINK and work, and your dog will enjoy more advocacy for fairness, clarity, and patience than you ever probably gave him in a training session. If you instruct, you'll learn he has to do every intermediate step right (as well as the finished exercise), step by step, no short cuts. I have been to a number of these and so far, the one that left me with the most meat 'n potatoes, the fewest questions on what we did, and the clearest picture of what I gotta do now was this one.

– Steve Kuhn, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

It was one of the most inspiring 4 days I have spent learning about my favorite subject, dogs. Margot’s passion for guiding us toward being the most effective dog trainers we can be was like no other. What struck me the most of what Margot said to us was that if we as trainers don't raise the standards of dog training, there will come a time when there will be no more dogs. With today's frightening climate of breed specific condemnation, the truth is if dog trainers don't expect more from their students, dogs will behave as they are led and they will be extinguished due to poor behaviors. It needs to begin and end with us so dogs can look to a brighter future. So, I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking to upgrade their training abilities, to take on Margot's Balanced Trainer's School. You will walk away being glad that you did.

– Mary Smallwood, Keystone Dog Training, York, PA

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