Applewoods offers private lessons at our home. You, as the owner, will learn how to teach desired behaviors, correct undesired behaviors and troubleshoot problems.

bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Lessons custom designed to meet the needs of all ages, both human and canine
bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Have a reliable dog at home and in the obedience ring
bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Learn how to earn and hold your dog’s attention
bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Help with any special problems
bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Learn how to use a remote training collar correctly
bullet2.gif (1151 bytes) Teach a reliable, useful retrieve

flying retrieve

Lessons taught both inside and outside.  For more information email us at or call 301-498-6779.

Not in the Baltimore/Washington Area?

Need help with your training?

Don’t know where to start?

Live in a remote area?

Have you tried all the locally available training only to find that your dog still isn’t behaving?

Have you made the rounds, to watch all the local classes only notice that when the class was over the instructor’s dog wasn’t as well behaved as yours?

Looking for something beyond feeding, playing or fondling?

Our correspondence course is the answer to your problems.

Order a set of our “Back to Work” training tapes. View them, practice what you see on the tapes, then call us and we can set up a scheduled time for private, over the phone lessons. You will need to be able to video tape yourself working your dog and you will need access to a speaker phone for the lessons. Lessons are one hour in length and scheduled one per week. The day before each scheduled lesson you will receive an emailed lesson plan and homework assignment. 

There will be a total of six lessons and 3 video reviews.

Try it. You’ll like it.

Our correspondence course is the answer to your problems.


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