Mud Heaven

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Frustrated by not being allowed to have a dog as a child, Margot Woods trained her cat to walk on a leash, retrieve items and use the toilet. But her true longing was to train dogs. In her new book, Mud Heaven (now available through AuthorHouse), Woods shares a collection of dog tales that will entertain pet owners and pet-free individuals alike.

A professional dog trainer for more than 30 years, Woods' stories capture the humorous events that are bound to occur in the human-dog relationship, as well as the heartbreaking losses endured while training and living with the canine companions. She depicts the frustrating handler and dog exhibit when there is no training and no inter-species communication alongside the amazingly strong bond that is forged with proper technique and understanding.

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"Far too many people don't actually have a clue as to what goes into the making of a mannerly, well-trained dog," says Woods. "Even more are convinced that mannerly, well-trained dogs only belong to some special group of people. My goal is to show that with the right training just about any dog could become a fully functioning member of the household in which it lives."

Mud Heaven is a collection of stories that not only illustrates the process of training dogs, but also the undeniable emotional impact these loveable creatures develop with their human companions.


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