"Back To Work" is a 90 minute DVD introducing the basic obedience commands.

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Quite time, attitude and attention.

Starting with some quite time to help you and your dog find a calm center, we will move into lunge line work and progress to heeling. You will have an opportunity to watch footwork, hand and general body position (human). Goal: A dog you can take for a walk without having your arm pulled off. A dog you can count on to be in heel position without being held there by brute force. A dog who pays attention to her human partner will stay in heel position.

Stationary exercises.

The sit/stay is used as an anchoring position. The stand and down positions will be built from the sit. Another way of looking at it would be to say that the sit anchors both the front and rear legs. Then you start teaching the down you leave the rear legs anchored in place and only move the front legs. When you teach the stand, you start with the sit and only move the rear legs. We will start with the sit and add the stay once the dog is comfortable. Stand and down will be added after the sit is mastered.

The recall.

This tape starts out by building a recall using the sit/stay as a placement anchor. This makes it possible to introduce the word ‘come’ before starting to do doing chase recalls random recalls or the ‘find front’ kind of recalls. It looks at the recall from the standpoint of reliability rather than just a fun thing to do sometimes.

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