The Bedrock Training Method™

The Bedrock Training Method by Margot Woods is based on the belief that all dogs – family pets, obedience champions, search-and-rescue teams, assistance and therapy dogs, and every other canine – can benefit from comprehensive basic training. Bedrock Training, or the BT Method, is a fundamental approach to dog training that, in six weeks, can lay a solid foundation in obedience and responsibility that lasts and grows for the lifetime of your dog.

If you are a professional trainer or serious hobby trainer, and want to learn the key elements of Bedrock Training, look into our “Bedrock Essentials” course – an intensive three-day training program. To reach higher levels in your training, attend our five-day “Bedrock Complete” program, with tips, techniques and tricks to help you reach Open, Utility and beyond.

Praise for the Bedrock Training Method

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There is a Training School or Seminar to fit every schedule:

Bedrock Training Basics
A three day program laying the foundations for the Bedrock Training Method
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Bedrock Training Advanced
A more indepth study of the Bedrock Training Method building on the Basics Training
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Bedrock Training Complete
Combines both the Bedrock Training Basics and the Bedrock Training Advanced for a for a more complete training program
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Bedrock Training Nuts & Bolts
For for professional trainers and group instructors. ....Combines the Bedrock Training Method with your existing training experience
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