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Bedrock Nuts & Bolts - a one day seminar

About Nuts & Bolts
The BT Nuts & Bolts Seminar is a comprehensive program designed to show how to make full use of space available and how to structure the course material, as well as develop written student handouts. The course will benefit dog trainers and/or obedience instructors teaching group or private courses. This seminar is a must for anyone just getting started in the field of dog training and will be of great benefit to those who have been teaching for some time. A student workbook will be used to facilitate learning the material presented.

What you’ll learn:

  • Controlling the most difficult dog in 15 minutes while maintaining control of the group class
  • How to see your owner and dog for the first time
  • Most efficient way of using space available when setting up a beginning class of 6 or less, 10 or less, 15 or less
  • Reaching the owners
  • The proper use of praise
  • Most efficient way of using space available when setting up to teach a private lesson inside or outside
  • How to structure a curriculum in the most efficient manner
  • Instructions, Corrections and Punishments
  • How to write a lesson plan
  • Harnessing your God-given talents to become a better trainer
  • How to write a homework hand out
  • The proper order for introducing fundamental commands
  • The difference between a demo dog and one who is a working partner in your training program
  • Use of specific exercises to gain and maintain control over a group class or individual lesson
  • Use of props to aid in teaching
  • How the instructor's dog can help
  • Plus more!

Cost: $100 the day, including light refreshments

Payment: Check, Cash, Paypal Limited spaces available, so don't wait. Book your space now.

Participants are encouraged to bring one trained dog with them as their helper. There will be no place or time for untrained or problem dogs.

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