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Bedrock Complete (Five-Day Program)

The Bedrock Complete program begins with the three-day Bedrock Basics course, and uses an additional two days to cover the following:

Off Leash Reliability

  • Moving from longe line to light line
  • Distraction Doís and Doníts
  • The magic of the throw chain

Drop on Recall

  • How to teach it
  • Why itís important

The why and how of a working retrieve

  • The proper steps for teaching fetch, hold and release
  • The when, why and how of the ear pinch
  • Fetch as personality change: teaching a retrieve to help
    • Shy dogs
    • Aggressive dogs
    • Your dogís self-confidence

Broad Jumps and High Jumps

Which one is it? Teaching scent discrimination

Cost: Call or contact us.

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